Can a Drag and Drop Application Drive Efficiency?

Automating workflow processes with business applications can transform your business by making it more efficient and productive. But, did you know that building those business applications can be more efficient and productive?

Why custom code when you can drag and drop?

If you want workflow apps that meet your business needs perfectly, you do not need to write code and develop these apps from scratch. That approach may eventually deliver the functionality you want, but it can also be a costly and time-consuming process. This does not suit organizations whose digital transformation goals include operational efficiency and the optimal use of resources. 

If you want to affect change in your organization swiftly and efficiently, K2 has technology that can meet these goals. This solution is also scalable and agile, which means it can meet both simple and complex application development needs, in one line of business or across an entire multi-national corporation.

K2 drag and drop applications are built with a visual, picture-based platform, to help business users and developers alike build powerful solutions — faster and with fewer errors. This type of drag and drop application can be used across a range of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. 

What are K2 drag and drop applications?

K2 technology makes it possible for non-technical business users — or citizen developers — to use drag and drop design tools to create apps. Your people can use an intuitive visual designer interface to select specific functions or components and rapidly build business applications. These can quickly reach across the organization or even along the entire supply chain to connect people, data, decisions, and systems.  

You can access application templates or custom-build your own solutions, creating complex workflows with little to no code. And once a drag and drop application is built, it can be re-used or re-purposed to deliver an exceptional return on your investment.

K2 also provides you with all the tools you need to rapidly build a SharePoint workflow or an Office 365 business process application. 

Essentially, you’re building your own unique workflow apps without the cost and complexity.

Automated forms made easy 

Manually building electronic forms is an inefficient and error-prone process. If you’re looking for an easier and more accurate way to create electronic, automated forms, you can use K2's drag and drop form builders. These require no custom coding, which removes complexity from the form-building process.

With K2 SmartForms, you have an intuitive, flexible entry point for collecting and integrating information into your automated processes within K2 apps.

How to build your own applications using drag and drop

The rapid pace of modernization and evolving customer expectations means that organizations need to digitize and update processes on the turn of a dime. Drag and drop tooling offer enterprises the opportunity to transform and realize the benefits quicker than ever before. 

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