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Creating SharePoint Workflows That Meet Business Needs

Organizations that adopt SharePoint as a core part of the business are finding that creating SharePoint workflows can be more difficult than expected. SharePoint environments can become unstable as a result of custom planning and building. Microsoft's solution — App Model — was introduced as part of SharePoint 2013 and even though it offers great capabilities, it has left many app developers still searching for a better overall solution.

In addition to problems with platform, enterprises are dealing with a variety of challenges, including:

  • Multiple live versions of SharePoint or line-of-business (LOB) systems that live in the cloud
  • Apps that don't scale across the organization
  • Lack of deep technical expertise
  • Apps that aren't agile
  • Safeguarding SharePoint apps and organization's data
  • Integrating with data no matter where it lives — including the cloud

Understanding the implications of these challenges and finding best practices for a solution is essential to making workflow development within SharePoint successful for your organization. With that in mind, K2 has outlined Six Tips to Building Better Business Apps in SharePoint 2013 .