Create Scalable, Agile, Powerful SharePoint Workflows

Creating SharePoint workflows is often problematic. Microsoft addressed some of the issues by introducing App Model in SharePoint 2013, but many app developers still find they lack the capabilities and agility that are essential to meet today's complex business needs.

To attain the ease-of-use and capabilities required by developers, 65 percent of SharePoint users turn to third-party tools like K2 to supplement their SharePoint workflows.

K2's business process application platform provides low- to no-code solutions that eliminate the complexity of SharePoint. It streamlines the creation of SharePoint workflows and empowers your people to work smarter. K2's apps can automate everything from complex process management and analysis to customer onboarding and invoice approval.

In Easy-to-Build Workflows and Forms for Dummies, K2 covers:

  • How to use workflow and form automation to drive efficiency
  • Department use cases
  • Ten key components for transforming business processes

To learn more about creating scalable, agile, powerful SharePoint workflows read the eBook.