Eliminate InfoPath Uncertainty with K2's Business Form Software

Now that Microsoft is no longer providing updates for InfoPath, businesses are feeling uncertain about how they can make the most of their SharePoint investment. K2 offers innovative business form software that empowers users with the tools they need to build powerful business forms, so they are no longer boxed in and hindered by InfoPath.

K2's SmartForms integrates with SharePoint and lets both technical business users create forms quickly with visual design tools instead of coding.

With SmartForms, users can design forms that:

  • Have reusable components
  • Can be used as stand-alone forms or tied to one or more workflows
  • Are supported on all major mobile platforms
  • Integrate data from disparate third-party cloud and on-premises systems

To learn more about how K2's business form software can make your business more responsive and agile, download the white paper now.