Building the Case for BPMS Software in Manufacturing

It may seem counterintuitive, but any manufacturer looking to invest in BPMS software should avoid letting IT build the case to leadership. IT tends to focus on the technology benefits first, instead of the business benefits, which can color your organization's criteria for selecting the right BPMS software. As David Mitchell from Ernst & Young says, only when substantial benefit statements have been nailed down can a discussion about capabilities truly begin.

For manufacturers, that means evaluating a benefits-led business case for these key transformational capabilities:

  • Agility
  • Process visibility
  • Cost-effective business processes
  • Aligning with strategic direction
  • System integration

Download Making the Business Case for BPM Software in Manufacturing to read more about building a business case for BPMS software around benefits that will deliver maximum value, and to learn how to present your proposal in ways that harmonize with leadership thinking.