Cut Costs and Complexity from Your BPM Deployment

A traditional business process management (BPM) suite may help digitally transform your business, but at what expense?

The drawbacks of this approach include: 

  • High costs
  • Complex configurations
  • Extensive training
  • Long development cycles
  • IT bottlenecks

How can you simplify BPM deployment?

There's a way that you can build the solutions you want, without wasting time, disrupting business or relying too heavily on IT.

K2's low-code process apps make modern BPM deployment faster and more streamlined than ever. This is because K2 allows you to quickly automate processes through visual, drag and drop style tools. This helps to decrease coding time and complexity. It also means that more people can get involved in BPM deployment. 

With K2, you will able to:

  • Monitor and measure outputs to see how every process and individual user performs
  • Deliver solutions quickly for immediate feedback from employees, customers and partners
  • Update apps quickly if adjustments need to be made

Be more mobile

As the market becomes more mobile, your teams need to move with the times. They need more than just mobile-friendly BPM solutions. With K2, your team can easily build mobile apps that meet your unique business and data security needs. 

K2 solutions can be built once and then deployed across any device. You can also add native capabilities. These include:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Geolocation
  • Picture capture
  • Annotation
  • On-device app integration

With all these features, your teams can share work, access data and make decisions on the go. They carry your BPM solutions with them out in the field, to clients and when they're traveling. Best of all, your staff can work offline and nothing will be lost. Everything they do will automatically sync with back-end systems when they're connected again.  

Ready to find out more?

Read our white paper, Business Transformation Doesn't Need to Be a Long, Drawn-Out Process, and learn more about how to make your BPM deployment quick, easy and successful.