Best Workflow Management Software

The Best Workflow Management Software Adds Value

Companies today are under more pressure than ever to increase operational efficiency through better workflow design and the best workflow management software. 

A workflow is a series of steps that comprise an operational process and add value to the business. These steps can be tasks, events or interactions; and they can run in a specific order or occur simultaneously.

Workflow apps are designed to make workflow management more efficient, by helping workflow managers to:

  • Design better workflows for greater operational efficiency
  • Optimize their workflows through automation
  • Access workflow data and use analytics to improve decision-making
  • Monitor business processes to drive continuous improvement

With a powerful workflows app, any processes can be transformed, no matter how simple or complex.

Choosing the best workflow management software

IT typically devotes extensive time and costly development resources to streamlining a workflow. Coding workflow software from scratch can result in bottlenecks and delays. 

With a K2 workflow engine, your enterprise can create and deploy automated business processes in just days. This is because K2's workflow optimization platform provides business users with drag-and-drop visual designers. These create rich user experiences while simultaneously simplifying the application development process, delivering a significant return on your software investment. 

Building an app with K2 means you are using the only enterprise app solution in the market that enables you to build once and deploy across your entire organization’s people, systems, and information.

The reusable components make it easy for you to optimize business processes across multiple systems so that thousands of users across your enterprise can benefit from the best workflow management software. 

Use resources more strategically 

K2 delivers an agile workflow automation platform that scales to suit business demand. It can also improve productivity within the IT department by significantly reducing the time it takes to build and deploy workflow solutions.

By freeing resources in the IT department, developers can focus on more strategic projects. This helps to accelerate your other digital transformation efforts. 

At the same time, the speed at which these applications can be updated and debugged represents a significant time and cost saving for both the IT team and the business units. IT backlogs can be cleared and business users don't have to struggle with workflow software downtime. 

One central workflow management platform

The best workflow management software is able to improve both complex and detailed processes, as well as simple sets of tasks, on the same platform. 

K2 allows you to accomplish this goal effortlessly, providing a workflow engine that easily integrates with a range of other systems. 

Looking for the best workflow management software?

Download the list Top 10 Ways K2 Can Add Value to Your Business Today to learn how K2's business process apps:

  • Can be customized to meet the ever-changing demands of a particular department
  • Empower stakeholders with real-time, actionable data
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Improve customer experiences and the bottom line