Benefits of Process Automation

Reap the Benefits of Process Automation with K2

Business process automation (BPA) focuses on optimizing the way you work. It’s about more than turning a string of manual tasks into automated processes. It’s also about looking carefully at each process and asking which steps could be cut or added to boost efficiency. 

It is also about assigning roles and responsibilities. This means that everyone knows what they need to do, to ensure work and data flows smoothly and swiftly along the right channels. 

The power of automation

Process automation drives digital transformation forward, enhancing corporate performance in many ways. 

Benefits include:

  • Cutting costs
  • Saving time
  • Better data management 
  • Reducing human error
  • Boosting accuracy

Get more value from your human resources

When your skilled staff are bogged down by endless manual tasks, their time is not being put to optimum use. Also, employees are only human. From time to time, they’ll make the odd typo, file a document in the wrong place or skip a process step. These small human errors can add up and cause delays, backlogs and even business disruption. 

One of the key benefits of process automation is that your tasks are digitally managed. This leaves less margin for error. You also have workflows that automatically route work from one point to the next, making it impossible to skip steps. 

Choosing the best BPA technology

Transforming your processes need not be as complex as you think. You no longer need custom built software for your specific organization. This can be a costly and time consuming approach.

Instead of such a developer-centric approach, why not opt for a low-code BPA platform like K2?

K2 enables you to harness all the benefits of process automation without having to write lines and lines of code. Using the K2 platform, you can build powerful apps that automate all processes that move work between people, systems and machines. 

Both developers and end users can build enterprise-ready apps and scale these apps to automate processes across business units. And you can do all this using BPA tooling that is:

  • Intuitive
  • Visual
  • Drag and drop
  • User-friendly 
  • Smart

Automate without relying too heavily on IT 

Most of today’s IT functions are burdened with too much work. Even the largest teams of developers may struggle to keep pace with the sheer number of processes and workflows that an organization could build to drive digital transformation. 

As a result, app backlogs are increasing. To solve this challenge, K2 provides technology that allows more users to share in the benefits of process automation, without IT having to be involved in each and every project. 

Thanks to the user-friendly app building environment, more people can automate more processes across the enterprise. And because one system is capable of both complexity and scale, you can automate everything on one platform. This makes maintenance and performance management much easier. 

The benefits of process automation with K2 

Advantages of powering your BPA with K2 include:

  • Integration: 
    Connect people, systems and devices in real-time. K2 also supports third-party data connectors. 
  • Mobility: 
    Your mobile workforce can continue working online or offline, on any device, securely.
  • Digital forms: 
    You can create intuitive and reusable forms for collecting and integrating information into automated processes. Plus, use these for data and trend analysis on any device, on any solution.  
  • App templates: 
    Speed up the app development process with off the shelf apps. These can be customized to suit your unique process needs.

You can also deploy your solutions on the cloud or on-premises. And you can continue to benefit from robust and trusted security settings, with K2’s role-based access controls and industry standard security features.

The way forward

Today, most companies recognize the benefits of process automation. A recent report by AIIM, Process Improvement and Automation 2016-- A Look at BPM, shows that fifty-five percent of organizations view BPM as significant or important.  

With K2, you can build streamlined apps that connect people, data, decisions and systems. This empowers you to build, run and future-proof processes -- so you benefit now and later. 

To learn more about K2 and BPA, read the AIIM report.