Applications For Manufacturing

How Applications for Manufacturing Can Build the Industry's Future

Across the globe, manufacturing drives more innovation than any other industry, encompassing more than three-fourths of all private-sector research and development, according to KPMG's Global Manufacturing Outlook 2014 report. Increasingly, manufacturers are turning to technologies like low-code process automation applications to help them work more efficiently and to take advantage of emerging opportunities for profit.

Building the Future: Manufacturers That Thrive Need IT Agility & Innovation outlines the current state of emerging technologies like mobility and real-time data analysis, and highlights how agile IT solutions can:

  •     Modernize product design, shipping, packaging and more
  •     Expose inefficiencies in the production process
  •     Uncover new opportunities for savings and revenue
  •     Enhance the flexibility and productivity of IT

The future belongs to manufacturers that can successfully modernize their systems and processes in a way that protects and enhances IT agility and the ability to innovate. Learn more by reading the white paper today.