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COVID-19: Get back to work with K2

Put technology to work during the COVID-19 crisis with process and workflow apps to help you get back to work faster.


K2 is helping to get employees back to work

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to drag on, businesses are still trying to determine best practices in getting back to work⁠—whether employees are at home or on the job site. For decades, K2 has allowed organizations around the world and across industries to build and run mission-critical apps. We want you to know that K2 has the resources you need to help mitigate current business disruptions and set the foundation for faster and more agile processes moving forward. Let us know how we can help you accelerate your response to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“K2 has proven its worth over and over and I am excited to have this product on my side going into the next fight. If you can think it, you can build it with K2!”

Freddie Mayer, IT Executive, Bidvest SACD

Resource management for staff deployment

Healthcare Resource Management 

Quickly redeploy and allocate skilled resources to hospitals and healthcare providers

Manage information about staff members through a deployment hub so they can be redeployed and allocated to new locations. 

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