How Modern Workflow System Software Can Accelerate Business Growth


Manual data entry and piles of paperwork can waste more time and money than you realize. As a business leader in the digital era, does it really make sense to take such a labor-intensive approach to work? 

Today, the ability to work smart is not only useful but essential. It means you’re able to use your resources more wisely. It also means you're able to provide your customers with faster, more intelligent services. And you can take advantage of new business opportunities quickly – before your competitors do. 

Are you harnessing automation?

Automating and simplifying tasks is critical for companies that want to keep up in today's fast-paced commercial world. Business process automation software (BPMS) helps you to improve, streamline and optimize your business processes.

To achieve these outcomes, workflow system software with automation capabilities can: 

  • Transform manual tasks into automated ones
  • Digitize all documents, forms, contracts and other information
  • Enable you to easily share, update, approve and monitor work

Imagine never having to search for a misfiled document again? And think of the time your people will save when they do not need to print, sign, scan and email their contracts or forms?

Improving processes from the ground up

Ready to transform the way you work? The first step is to assess each process and see which manual tasks can be automated. You can also add and remove actions to make sure that each process flows smoothly from beginning to end. And by clarifying roles and responsibilities, everyone knows exactly what they need to do. 

The benefits of modern, automated workflows include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Time savings
  • Improved data management 
  • Lower risk of human error
  • Enhanced accuracy


Choosing the best workflow software

Are you searching for a technology platform that can speed up app development, while decreasing the bottlenecks and errors associated with manual tasks?

The good news is that you no longer need to build your own software to meet these goals. K2’s low-code workflow system software allows you to automate your processes without having to write lines and lines of code. This means your developers do not need to work on every single digital asset from start to finish. 

On the K2 platform, you can build powerful apps that improve and digitize all processes that move work between people, systems and machines. This includes both enterprise-wide, mission-critical processes and lightweight departmental processes. In other words, you can automate both “deep” and “wide.”

Why choose K2?

The K2 platform allows users to rapidly build and deploy forms and workflow apps that integrate with their existing systems. K2 workflows software gives users access to information from a range of sources, even when they're mobile, and can be implemented without major disruption to current business processes.

When users build and run the automated workflows they need, they can:

  • Ensure that the right person does the right work, at the right time
  • Improve productivity, efficiency and employee and customer experience
  • Stay in control with audit trails, deployment management, and strong security controls


No need to rip and replace

A key benefit of adopting K2 software is that you can build digital assets that work with your existing line of business systems. Instead of putting your organization through an expensive infrastructure overhaul, K2 allows you to update your processes while extending the life of your existing systems. 

K2 can provide a low-code operations management solution that spans your entire enterprise. This means that you can build apps that adapt and scale to suit all your needs, by:

  • Re-using app components again and again
  • Easily configuring apps for mobile use across a wide range of devices
  • Updating assets quickly and easily as needs change


User-centric workflow system software 

Both developers and end users can build the solutions they need in K2’s low-code environment. This means that more people can automate more processes across the enterprise. 

And with K2, you have one platform that can handle both complexity and scale. This means that you can automate all your processes with this workflow system software. This makes it easier for your IT team to update and maintain your digital assets, while your line managers can easily track performance and progress across all projects. 

Rapid development of digital assets

K2’s low-code approach allows your developers to design and deploy apps, forms and workflows much faster than they could with traditional system development. But these capabilities are not only limited to skilled IT professionals. K2 also provides non-tech users with the tools to be involved in the process.  

With K2, organizations can:

  • Use visual drag and drop designers to build apps, forms and workflows
  • Pull in data from other systems 
  • Use app templates to guide them
  • Deploy assets on-prem or in the cloud
  • Re-use app components 
  • Quickly configure apps for mobile use


No more paper forms!

Rather than letting your valuable data get lost in piles of paperwork, you can use K2 to build powerful digital forms. These act as an ideal entry point for collecting information and integrating this data into your apps, reports and more.

With K2’s form-building tools, anyone in your organization with user rights can create mobile-ready, responsive forms. These can also be re-used and deployed anywhere across your business. 

With K2 forms, you can:

  • Pull in data from any line of business or third-party system
  • Capture data from multiple sources and combine this into one smart entity
  • Re-use data across all K2 forms, apps, reports and workflows

This is an ideal way to save time, reduce the risk of error and boost data accuracy.

An ideal SharePoint workflow solution

Does your organization use Microsoft SharePoint as a business process management platform? Do you find that building custom SharePoint workflows can be a challenge? This requires coding and specialized programming skills, which can be expensive and time-consuming. 

So, what’s the solution? By introducing third-party software like K2, you can cut all the complexity from your SharePoint projects. K2 technology allows your people to create powerful, scalable and agile apps, workflows and forms, with minimal code. K2 integrates seamlessly with both on-premises and cloud versions of SharePoint, enabling you to effortlessly extend SharePoint's capabilities. 

With K2 you can:

  • Create simple or complex forms to collect and display information in SharePoint
  • Pull in data from your line of business systems and web services
  • Access sample applications to assist with the app development process 
  • Use a centralized list to access all the tasks and work in all your K2 apps 
  • Produce reports and dashboards to guide decision-making 


An agile approach to process transformation

On the K2 platform, you can quickly transform your processes to meet your business goals. This means that new apps and workflows can be easily updated to meet changing market requirements. This gives your team, business unit or organization the ability to be proactive rather than react too late. 

Want to be the first to take advantage of a new opportunity? Want to provide your people with the tools to overcome challenges swiftly and securely? K2 can make this happen.

  • Rapidly build and deploy electronic forms
  • Ensure that these forms meet your specific business needs
  • Improve data accuracy, quality and accessibility
  • Build in logic, rules and validation checks
  • Re-use or re-purpose a form once it is developed for optimum efficiency
  • Work on any device — online or offline


Ready to learn more?

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