Workflow SharePoint: Stretch Your Capabilities with K2


Are you planning to boost efficiency and productivity with workflow software? This a great way to streamline tasks, save time and cut costs. 

If you are currently using Microsoft SharePoint, you may be considering using this as your workflow platform. And you won't be alone. A recent Forrester study found that 52 percent of all SharePoint customers create custom workflow apps in SharePoint.

Yet, many in the developer community find SharePoint restrictive to build in — often resulting in volatile environments. That's where third-party solutions like K2 come in: We can help you improve your custom SharePoint workflows, forms and apps.

Why choose K2 as your Workflow SharePoint platform?

With K2, you can expand your SharePoint and Office 365 software investments by delivering greater process efficiency in less time. K2's low-code approach to workflow app creation removes barriers and increases your:

  • Agility to meet business needs
  • Scalability across the organization
  • Mobility for a workforce on the go

Workflow SharePoint made easy

With K2 you can:

  • Create Workflow SharePoint solutions that span multiple SharePoint lists or libraries
  • Tailor SharePoint forms to provide a better user experience 
  • Pull in data from all areas of SharePoint, as well as other LOB systems 
  • Easily develop business process apps that serve specific needs in your organization

The K2 low-code approach

K2 empowers your people to design, build, deploy and update their own apps, forms and workflows. This is because the platform offers a low-code development environment, featuring drag and drop visual app and workflow designers. Developers and end users alike can quickly build the digital solutions they need to transform your processes and business. 

The platform also offers out the box apps that include forms, workflows, and reports. These SmartStarters are designed for a range of common business processes, such as employee on boarding, sales quote approvals and social media content reviews. The advantage of this approach is that you can roll out the solutions you need much faster. You can also customize them to suit your unique business needs. 

These and all other apps powered by K2 are fully responsive on mobile. This means that once you build an app or workflow, it is automatically supported on any smartphone or tablet. There is absolutely no extra effort required to take your applications from desktop to hand-held device. This quickly empowers your people to work on the go, or on the device of their choice. 

Ready to find out more?

Read more about maximizing your SharePoint and Office 365 buy with a third-party solution like K2 in the e-book Business Apps for SharePoint and Office 365 for Dummies.