The Future of Workflow Management Software with K2


We live in a mobile and hyper connected world. In this context, it's vital that your business has the tools to meet both staff and customer expectations. 

Are your people able to work anywhere, as efficiently as they do in the office? Can your teams be productive on the go? Can they serve clients and customers easily, with the info they need close at hand? Or do they struggle to access the data and documents they need when they're out of the office? 

If your teams out in the field battle to log into your systems and shared files, this can have a serious impact on client and customer relations. You may need to address the mobility of your working tools.

Need a future-proof solution? K2's digital process automation platform can help you build process applications with powerful workflows that are accessible across devices.

What is a workflow app?

A workflow application, or app, is a digital asset that manages the flow of work in your organization. It initiates processes automatically. It also ensures that the right steps are completed by the right people. And it makes the relevant resources available as they are needed. This way, your line managers spend less time micro-managing and more time focusing on more valuable activities. They do not need to make sure that every step of every process is being followed correctly. They only receive alerts when there is a problem.

And when you make workflows mobile, you get even more benefits. With mobile app workflow solutions, your teams can continue working on any device when they leave their desks. They can access the resources they need. They can share documents. They can collaborate and delegate. They can review, edit and approve. And these are just a few of the many process steps that can be ticked off the list outside the office. 

What are the advantages of mobile workflow apps?

Mobile app workflow solutions benefit you in many ways. They allow your people to work much smarter and faster when they are away from their desks. They also allow your business to extend your productivity hours. Why be limited to an old fashioned 9 to 5 working day? And why should your processes and workflows be confined to your work space? Be more mobile!

Here are some key reasons to choose K2 as your mobile app workflow platform:

  • Create customized, secure mobile apps, fast.
  • Automate manual tasks.
  • Use templates to guide and accelerate development.
  • Involve users to decrease IT time and effort. 
  • Build a solution once and re-use it across devices.


What is workflow app development?

A workflow manages your work. It ensures all the right people are involved at the right time. It also provides access to the relevant data, documents and other resources. And it saves hours and hours of management time. 

K2's low-code technology makes it easy for your IT team and other users to develop workflow apps to automate processes, from departmental tasks to enterprise-wide tasks. It also speeds up the workflow development cycle, allowing you to create the workflows you need for every aspect of your business. And these workflows can be used across any device. This includes desktops, tablets and mobile phones. 

With mobile workflows that pull in data from all your systems, no matter which device they're accessed from, you have everything you need at your fingertips. 

Creating Mobile Apps is Easy with K2

Your developers and business users can quickly build the apps they need using K2's low-code digital process automation platform - up to 78 percent faster, in fact. This is because K2 offers a low-code app development environment. Your people can use visual app designers instead of writing endless lines of code. They simply drag and drop the app elements they need into place. 

This way, you get the best of custom development, yet you're not waiting weeks or months for a specialist IT team to build your solutions from scratch. You can build mobile-ready apps in a few simple steps. Or you can create complex solutions much faster than you would if you hand-coded them. You can automate a wide range of processes across your business, all without bogging down an already over-burdened IT team. 

With K2, you can quickly create apps for your processes and then configure them for a wide range of mobile devices. This way, you build once and then roll out the solutions to your mobile workforce. 

Work Online or Offline

With mobile app workflow solutions from K2, you can work online or offline. You can fill out forms and carry on working even when there is no Internet connection. With a K2 mobile forms app, any work you have done when you're offline will sync with your systems when you're connected again. 

This offline form app solution saves time and effort. Work does not need to be duplicated. And no working hours are lost due to internet issues. 

Keen to find out more?

Are you ready to create mobile-ready apps? Want to know how to use workflow app solutions on the go?

It is easier than you think with K2. This platform helps you to cut lengthy cycle times and costs. You can also improve your user and customer satisfaction.

Learn how you can:

  • Do away with paper-based, manual processes.
  • Speed up overall app delivery time.
  • Deploy new apps as you need them.
  • Log business data on the go.
  • Deliver data to the right people at the right time.

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