Workflow Hero


Scaling Process Automation Enterprise-Wide Through Citizen Development

K2 Community teases out the ideas, best practices and lessons learned from someof the most active and successful people using K2. We want to understand whatthey’ve experienced, learned and accomplished with K2, and share that informationacross the community. It is our intent to learn from one another and collectivelyparticipate in one another’s success.

This paper is the first in a series that we plan torelease in 2018, and beyond. These papers willbe focused on how businesses are scaling processautomation across their organizations, withparticular attention paid to “citizen development”strategies and frameworks that are being employedin organizations today. In other words, how areorganizations taking platforms like K2 and enablingthe line of business, and non-technical, non-ITresources to build process applications to solveunique business challenges and drive automationcompany wide. Let’s begin, withRogers Communications.

Rogers is a leading diversified Canadiancommunications and media company.Canada’s largest provider of wireless voice anddata communications services and one of Canada’sleading providers of cable television, high-speedInternet and telephony services to consumers andbusinesses. We spoke with Jordan Haberman,Manager, IT Process Improvement at Rogers, wholeads the Workflow Transformation Team and its‘Workflow Hero Program.’ This paper describesthe program and approach and provides a setof recommendations for others consideringor implementing similar automation programs.

Program Description

Market leaders are well-run from the inside-out.Jordan’s team helps the business to maximize theireffectiveness through empowerment and selfsufficiency.One of these programs is focused onenabling business units to build and manage theirown process automation.

The Rogers “Workflow Hero” program launchedin June of 2017 and in 7 months, has engaged250 employees and pipelined 60 projects. Theyare currently automating 15 processes and havelaunched 5 projects into production.

The program centers on two key drivers:

  1. Enablement. The Workflow Hero team has setout to provide their business partners with thetools, knowledge and appropriate support structureto be successful on their own. This frameworkallows IT and the business the ability to innovatemore rapidly and scale more effectively.
  2. Partnership. Building a close connectionbetween IT and citizen developers within thebusiness helps to ensure that business units arewell supported and empowered.

Though the Workflow Hero Program is still in itsinfancy, Rogers IT team is not new to processautomation as teams have been using K2 for oversix years and their K2 processes already touch morethan 10,000 people.