K2's Microsoft Office Automation Software Improves Your Investment


Ready to extract more value from your IT resources? How can you stretch your SharePoint and Office 365 investments further? Microsoft Office automation software from K2 makes it so simple.

K2’s partnership with Microsoft 

K2 has partnered with a diverse range of companies to help our customers get the most out of K2 software and transform their businesses. 

One technology partner that we have a long-standing relationship with is Microsoft. This partnership enables you to:

  • Leverage existing Microsoft investments 
  • Provide tools to both IT and end users
  • Slash time to market for business applications across the Microsoft stack
  • Achieve much lower app management costs compared to custom development

If you’re looking for Microsoft Office automation software to connect your apps, extend their abilities and increase agility — K2 is the answer.

Making the most of your SharePoint workflow tools 

The K2 platform delivers deep integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft SharePoint Online, among other solutions. There is no code required. Even users with no technical skills or experience (and a little training) can take advantage of these capabilities.  

Microsoft SharePoint allows your people to share and manage content, knowledge and apps. This boosts teamwork and achieves better results. But how can you get even more value from this resource? K2’s integration with Microsoft SharePoint cuts out complexity and allows customers to build workflow apps and forms that span SharePoint sites and versions — on premises or in the cloud.

Extend the capabilities of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management Platform gives your organization the tools to build valuable customer-focused solutions. When you add K2’s business process automation capabilities, they can deliver apps that reach across the enterprise.

No need to write code

When you’re building workflows and forms, or integrating with existing systems, you don’t need to write code. Rather, you can use K2’s visual, drag and drop design tools to easily configure workflow actions, like creating a new activity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This increases the speed and ease of producing business applications.

Powerful Microsoft Office automation software that’s simple to use

With K2 Appit for SharePoint, your people can:

  • Use drag and drop designers to build workflow apps that integrate with SharePoint
  • Develop powerful forms to capture and display information in SharePoint
  • Integrate data from line of business systems and web services
  • Use ready-made, sample applications to help you build quickly
  • Access tasks and work across all K2 apps from a centralized worklist
  • Generate custom insight reports
  • Deploy mobile apps for any device, online and offline
  • Re-use app components to decrease app development cycle times

More about K2 workflow software 

K2 injects simplicity into business process automation. Whether you want to connect your existing apps or build new ones, synchronize data or improve operational efficiency – K2 allows users across the business to achieve these goals rapidly and easily.  

This innovative, low-code Microsoft Office automation software allows you to:

  • Reduce programming time and speed up delivery cycles
  • Streamline apps as they’re being developed
  • Reduce the risk of human error and business disruptions
  • Create a more efficient and collaborative working environment
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Elevate corporate performance  

This approach to digital transformation is much more sustainable, thanks to the agility, scalability and mobility that is built into the K2 platform. You gain a competitive advantage now, yet also future-proof your organization.

Success on the go

K2 caters to the growing demand for mobile business apps. With K2 Mobile, you can:

  • Easily configure apps to be responsive on mobile
  • Create apps for all devices – iOS, Android and Windows
  • Secure data using industry-standard file encryption and security settings
  • Work on the go, online or offline

K2 mobile apps offer great functionality, including native barcode scanning, annotation and the ability to attach pictures to forms.

Does your business face these common challenges?

  • Data silos
    Is your business data stored in multiple systems across different departments or lines of business? When users have to access information from various different systems and cross-check this for discrepancies, this can slow processes down dramatically. 
  • Existing systems are costly to update
    Do you have systems that are business critical, yet difficult to change when your needs evolve? Writing code to action these changes can cost money and time that you just don't have. 
  • Broken workflows
    Are you struggling with process bottlenecks due to missed process steps? And are you only noticing these lapses in your workflows a few days later, when it is almost too late? Even the most well-designed workflows need to be monitored for quality. 
  • Manual processes
    Are you still printing out documents to obtain signatures? This type of manual process is not only slow, but also prone to error. What happens when those important papers are misfiled or get lost in the system? 

Due to these challenges and many more, companies out there are struggling to achieve their business process management goals. This leads to lackluster performance and productivity that can break down customer relationships and damage the bottom line. 

You may have great systems in place, but unless these are well integrated and connected to relevant business data, they may not deliver the desired results. 

Fortunately, when business apps are built using K2 technology, they can connect data, lines of business, systems and people. This helps everyone across your enterprise to make smart, data-driven decisions quickly and with confidence. 

An easy way to connect your LOB systems 

You can easily connect your K2 applications to your current systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint, to bridge gaps between disconnected line of business (LOB) solutions.  

Here are some examples of how this can work in specific industries:

In manufacturing, you can:

  • Manage and track activities including declarations, compliance, collaboration and reporting
  • Improve product quality, control costs and reduce risk through issue identification, resolution and trend reporting
  • Track, report and automate inventory management to keep your supply chain running efficiently
  • Create manufacturing resource planning solutions that span line of business systems and people

In healthcare, you can:

  • Extend your hospital management solutions to provide better care and increase revenue with more efficient billing
  • Manage medical records with compliance and auditing, integrating data within other systems and across devices
  • Use automation and integration with existing systems to improve patient care and reduce errors, from admission to discharge

In the legal services industry, you can:

  • Manage case and matter data, documents, deadlines and contacts in a single location
  • Manage digital assets effectively — from new client intake forms to contracts
  • Automate billing through central management of fees, rules and client data

These are just a few of many examples. K2 use cases and benefits span multiple industries.  

How K2 supports everyone in your business

Low-code Microsoft Office automation software is designed to be user-friendly. This makes it accessible to more people across your enterprise, providing them with the tools to complete work faster, support each other, make better decisions and find the information they need.

With K2, both IT and end users can quickly design apps using visual designers. They can also build powerful digital forms to collect and display information on any device, and pull in data from LOB systems and web services.

To achieve your digital transformation goals faster, you can re-use components from solutions you have already built, across any application. This speeds up time to market and increases accuracy. And all these benefits are available on the go – mobilizing your workforce to deliver your business goals.

Make your software work for you

K2's approach to application creation removes limitations with low-code, drag-and-drop technology that spans people, data, decisions and systems.

Streamline any process with K2 and get even greater value from your Microsoft Office automation software. Learn how in our Dummies book, Business Apps for SharePoint and Office 365 for Dummies.