Don't Be Boxed in By a Dated Form Management System


Businesses using InfoPath to create SharePoint forms might be worried about the future of InfoPath. They may also be frustrated by the obvious limitations of this form management system. 

Did you know that there is life beyond InfoPath? If your business needs a form management system that is more responsive and mobile-ready, K2 is a viable solution.

Why K2 form software?

K2's SmartForms is a form management system that allows you to build electronic forms faster and easier in SharePoint and other systems. It does this by cutting out the need for complex coding.

With SmartForms, you can:

  • Build forms without code
  • Connect critical LOB information
  • Create and update forms that meet your needs
  • Access forms on any mobile device

What type of forms can be created with K2?

This form creation software is user-friendly. It also helps you to optimize resources and save hours of time you would have spent coding. And when your forms go live, they'll help you to boost operational efficiencies.  

With K2, you can build forms that are: 

  • Mobile-ready:
    Once a form has been built, you can use across any mobile device. K2 forms are totally responsive. 
  • Data-compatible:
    You can integrate data from your cloud and on-premises systems. Create forms that act as a user-friendly interface for your workflows. 
  • Scalable:
    Your K2 forms can be re-purposed by other departments. Your colleagues can customize them by re-arranging fields, which speeds up form building across the organization.  
  • Simple to use:
    With built-in logic and rules, you can easily show or hide form fields and even auto-assign data in your K2 forms. The result? A form that makes better sense to everyone who uses it. 
  • Integrate with ease:
    Did you know that you can integrate K2 forms in any web page or third-party system? This includes Salesforce and SharePoint. 
A flexible approach to forms
With K2 forms, you can capture information on web forms, web apps and in SharePoint solutions. This tooling is easy-to-manage and highly flexible. It provides a user-friendly entry point for collecting information and integrating this into your automation software. With this low-code approach, anyone in your organization can create mobile-ready, responsive forms that meet their specific business needs. 
Accelerate transformation
Given that digital technology is advancing rapidly, you need to stay up to speed. It’s essential for your organization to be equipped with the necessary tools to digitize your forms and automate your processes both efficiently and effectively. 
The drag and drop form building environment that K2 offers helps you to work fast and at scale. In this visually driven digital asset building environment, you can put your transformation plans into action quickly. 
K2 takes the effort out of modernizing workflows and forms. When more people are empowered to build solutions they need without depending too heavily on IT, this brings all business units closer to achieving their transformation goals. You’re also future-proofing your business with an agile and scalable workflow automation solution.
Ready to learn more about K2's form creation software?
Are you looking for forms software that offers the following benefits?

  • Rapidly build and deploy digital forms
  • Customize forms to meet specific needs
  • Improve access to your data 
  • Build logic, rules and validation checks into your forms easily
  • Re-use forms for optimum efficiency
  • Work on any device, online or offline

Businesses today cannot be held back by technology, like InfoPath, that boxes them in. Download K2's white paper to learn more about SmartForms, an innovative form management system.