K2 Application Form Software Cuts InfoPath Anxiety 


Luckily, there's a way to build the forms you need, quickly and easily. This approach is also agile, which means it can be scaled to meet future business needs, too. 

Introducing K2 application form software

K2 offers smart software for building forms that integrate smoothly with SharePoint and other existing systems. Now your business users can create the forms they need without being held back by legacy systems like InfoPath

There is also no need to opt for an expensive rip and replace approach. This way, you have a business process automation platform that extends the value of your enterprise systems. But you’re also able to move forward with application form software that suits your needs today — and tomorrow. 

Why choose K2?

This technology is user-friendly, while helping you to cut costs, save time and boost operational efficiencies at every level of your business. 

With K2, you can build forms that are: 

  • Mobile-ready:
    Once a form is ready to be rolled out, you can use it across any device. K2 forms are fully responsive. 
  • Data-friendly:
    Pull in data from your cloud and on-premises systems. Build forms that act as a user-friendly interface for your workflows. 
  • Re-usable:
    Forms can be shared with other departments, who can then customize these by re-using components in new ways. This speeds up form building across your enterprise. 
  • Complex yet simple to use:
    Built-in logic and rules make it easy for you to show or hide form fields and even auto-assign data. This means the form makes better sense to everyone who uses it. 
  • Accessible anywhere:
    You can embed K2 forms in any web page or third-party system. This includes Salesforce and SharePoint. 

Anyone can learn to build forms 

This user-friendly tooling does all the hard work for you. Now your people can build the forms they need with little to no code. The K2 form design environment is drag and drop based. This means that you configure forms the graphical way, without needing to know any programming languages.

K2 forms also help to streamline your work. Instead of logging into multiple systems to get your tasks done, you can work from one central location. 

Rapid app development

With the K2 technology stack, you also have access to out of the box app templates. These can be used as they are. Or you can use components of these apps as building blocks for other solutions. Either way, you’ll be able to transform your processes much faster and more accurately. 

K2’s app templates cover a range of common business processes, including:

  • Managing user access to IT systems
  • Reviewing and approving corporate content 
  • Handling training requests 
  • Streamlining press release approvals
  • Tracking defects 
  • Managing expense claims  

Ready to build forms the smart way?

To learn more about how K2's application form software is solving InfoPath issues across a range of industries, download our complimentary white paper now.