Tipsport - Improves the Efficiency of Head Office Operations

            Tipsport Case Study Background

With more than 1,000 branches throughout the country, Tipsport is the largest betting agency in the Czech Republic. The organization was founded in 1991 and enables people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to place bets on a wide range of sporting and social events.


In the highly competitive European gambling market, even the leading players in the industry cannot afford to take chances. Tipsport is firmly established as the largest betting agency in the Czech Republic, but it is constantly looking for ways to improve its operational efficiency to help it maintain this leadership position.

The company wanted to develop a series of automated business workflows to improve the efficiency of key processes at its head office. It already used Microsoft SharePoint Online as a platform for data sharing, but the SharePoint workflow development tools didn’t provide all the functionality the business needed to create integrated workflows and were too inflexible to accommodate process changes.


Tipsport evaluated products from multiple vendors and selected K2 because it provided a standalone business process automation platform. The K2 solution was also capable of integrating with the widest number of technologies, in addition to Microsoft SharePoint Online, giving the company the ability to develop more sophisticated end-to-end business processes. “One of the ways in which the K2 platform adds the most value for us is through its unique ability to combine an online an on-premise world,” says Jan Mejstrik, SharePoint and K2 Administrator at Tipsport.

Using the K2 platform, Tipsport successfully automated its entire invoice management process, from receipt of invoice all the way through to notifications of payment. This K2-driven process is typically used by 100-150 employees in any one month, but 300 people are authorized to enter invoices into the process. Managers receive alerts when invoices need approval and can sanction payments from their desktops or mobile phones, which has significantly accelerated the invoicing process. “Invoices can now be approved in minutes, whereas it used to take days or even weeks,” says Mejstrik.

In addition to speeding up the approval of invoices, the K2-based invoice management process also gives managers greater oversight of this important financial process. They can see the history of all invoices, approvals, and payments and ensure that invoices are not overlooked or handled incorrectly. Employees, therefore, have greater confidence in the invoicing process and know that the invoices they are responsible for will be paid on time.

Another K2-based process saves time in the company’s Human Resources (HR) department, by simplifying the onboarding of new employees. The automated workflow notifies all relevant teams about the new appointment, assigns IT permissions, prepares the payroll and orders any necessary equipment. “Everything is done on time, so new employees have everything they need to start work straight away on their first day,” Mejstrik says.

Over a period of two years, Tipsport has been able to use K2 to solve a number of business challenges, meet the requirements of small teams and respond quickly to business change. For example, the company has developed a simple K2 app to help it comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This app works by allowing the company’s security office to define up to three people who must approve a document before publishing, thereby controlling access to sensitive data. Another app allows employees to request places on training courses. Whenever business changes occur, Tipsport can quickly and easily adapt its K2 workflows accordingly.

Tipsport developed all of its K2 processes in-house, guided by K2’s documentation and customer support team. “I must say that I am very satisfied with the K2 support,” comments Mejstrik. “I always get the information I need.”

Summing up, he adds, “I really appreciate K2 as a business automation platform and as a group of people who really care about my business.”