Tatweer Building Company


Prior to introducing K2, the Tatweer Building Company conducted the majority of its internal business processes manually. For example, around 60% of administrative tasks were pen- and paper-based.

Employees were also using multiple document, data management and communication systems, having to switch between these constantly. This made work more time-consuming and cross-function collaboration challenging.

Overall, these manual, disconnected methods of working were holding back employee productivity and process efficiency across the board. This was having a negative impact on organizational performance.

The IT function did procure business process management solutions to organize and streamline workflows internally, but the technology did not meet their requirements. Application development cycles lasted longer than expected, leading to frustration and business delays.


The company compared a range of BPM vendors and selected K2 due to its ease of use, rapid application capabilities and its agility – which makes it possible to customize, update and scale digital assets quickly as business and market needs change.

Since introducing K2 three years ago, the low-code process automation platform has made it possible for the Tatweer Building Company’s ICT department to swiftly build customized apps, forms and workflows to realize the goals of their digital transformation strategy.

The IT team is now able to deliver applications to the business units much faster. This is helping to minimize IT backlogs and reduce frustration. K2’s seamless integration with existing Microsoft technologies and other systems has also enabled the company to extend the value of their existing software investments.

In terms of the long-term value offered, K2 applications have proven to be secure, stable and reliable once rolled out, helping to further maximize productivity and minimize downtime. In the low-code application development environment, solutions are also easy to adjust as new steps or roles are added to each process. This makes the Tatweer Building Company more agile and adaptive to change.

K2 is delivering great value within the administrative functions. These employees were previously bogged down by manual tasks and internal communications that were not flowing smoothly. Now, admin processes are fully automated and communication across the company has dramatically improved.

Through K2 Mobile, the company is enabling employees to continue working outside the office, where they can perform all their actions from mobile tablets and remain connected to the business when they’re out in the field.

The K2 solution also provides managers with greater visibility into processes, making it easy to monitor task status and ensure internal communication flows smoothly. With real-time process insights, managers can quickly identify bottlenecks and resolve issues before these disrupt business.

The company is receiving, on average, around 385 requests on its K2 solutions per month. These solutions include, among others:

  • An Etemad System to manage approvals of private school designs between the relevant educational institutions and Tatweer Building Company
  • A Pre-Qualification System that enables the commercial department for bidding and procurements to manage vendor selection and the exchange of proposals

Building on the success of the K2 solutions implemented to date, the companyplans to expand K2 usage across a range of departments during 2018 and 2019 in order to become a fully automated organization and meet its digital transformation goals.