Royal Golden Eagle

Royal Golden Eagle's (RGE) corporate offices faced challenges related to administrative efficiency, relying heavily on the use of physical copies of forms and signatures. Approvals of various corporate forms, from legal, IT, finance and accounting departments, as well as the corporate investment proposal form (or “CAPEX” form), took around three to five months because key approving officers who travel frequently are not able to immediately access and sign these forms. After using K2 to design and implement the forms and workflows, there was a significant improvement in the turnaround time for approvals.

With no more paper work, administrative tracking and delays to CAPEX approval, work on projects can start quickly. This is recognised by RGE to increase competitive advantage and business agility, while preventing potential business losses.

Benefits: The online CAPEX system allows email approvals via computers and mobile devices, making it more convenient for executives to approve forms on the go.