Roche Diagnostics

Roche Diagnostics had too many manual processes that resulted in mounds of paperwork, loss of efficiency and poor-quality customer responses. They needed flexible solutions that would evolve with the fast-paced company and clear the way for important research and advances in the field of diagnostics. With K2 the Roche team has built business applications for everything from simple processes like travel requests and training approvals to complex, long-running processes — like its 60,000 requests per year for delivery of free-of-charge goods. With more than 20 K2-based solutions providing end-to-end automation, Roche has seen a reduction in cycle time from days to hours. They have standardization across the region and traceability on compliance.

“Innovation isn’t something which falls from the sky; it is nurtured and there are processes to manage it,” said Jean-Daniel Renevey, regional head of IT.

Benefits: “We reduce cycle time from days to hours. [We have] process standardization across the region and compliance on traceability.”