North Yorkshire County Council

Established in 1974, North Yorkshire County Council is one of 27 county councils in England. The deployment of K2 processes formed part of a wider transformation of the council’s HR function. The introduction of process automation allowed the council to make its business managers more self-sufficient. Rather than relying on HR professionals for every small request, they now use K2 workflows to initiate and manage the majority of routine HR procedures themselves. Although there are 2,000 business managers in the council, the structured nature of the K2-based processes ensures that HR policies are applied consistently across the organisation.

“K2 was really easy to use,” said Nick Smith, lead developer at North Yorkshire Council. “Every time we designed a new process we took it to the HR team and showed them exactly how it would work. They could then check it and sign it off before it went live.”

Benefits: “Our deployment of K2 facilitated business changes that enabled us to make a cost saving of £200,000 per year on staffing costs.”