Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Ngee Ann Polytechnic is one of Southeast Asia’s leading institutions of higher learning, with more than 15,000 students focusing on the competencies and values that will help them thrive in a global workplace. Turning their students into global-smart, agile professionals who are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge means that NP is always looking to bring new technologies into the classroom.

“More companies are seeing the value in BPM and the importance of workflow management and automation,” says lecturer Nelson Liu, from NP’s School of InfoComm Technology (ICT). After researching leaders in the BPM space, NP approached K2 because of their increasing presence in Asia, with clients that include several prominent financial services firms.

“Most companies grapple with the integration of incumbent and legacy systems into their entire workflow management system,” continues Nelson. NP lecturers felt that K2’s robust integration capabilities made it the most meaningful platform to tackle this challenge and teach to their students.

K2’s low-code platform is now taught as an integral part of a 17-week Business Process Modelling and Development module for second or third year Diploma in Information Technology students focusing on business management or Infocomm sales and marketing.

In this module, students are taught to build and design simple workflow solutions, K2's solution architecture, and K2 Studio and Designer. For their final project, students use the skills they acquired to build typical workflow solutions like leave requests, staff onboarding and off-boarding or claims management.

“We learned how to build applications on a basic level…that will make automation possible for common manual tasks — reducing the amount of human labor and intervention needed,” says a studen Tan Yen Hao.

In addition to equipping students with a better understanding of how workflow can be automated and how business processes can be implemented, K2 provides internships to promising NP graduates, offers free workshops and lectures and supports NP’s annual Open House. Although the new module is too new to see any graduates yet, K2 is confident that students will enter the workforce with a highly marketable skill that benefits their careers and K2 customers. Both K2 and NP believe the future of digital strategy is completely dependent on what the industry does today.

Entry-level professionals who start a job with the knowledge of how to brainstorm around and solve process problems can only have a positive impact on the way process automation evolves in the coming years.