Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust


Paper-Based Workflows Hindered Critical Responses

Guy’s and St Thomas’ relied on a range of spreadsheets and Windows-based files to meet the stringent requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act but found that this method was unwieldy and not transparent enough. “During an incident response, we didn’t have good visibility into which parts of the business are affected and how we’re prioritizing our resources to maintain patient care,” says Justin Cuckow, Senior Emergency Planning Officer, Resilience Department at Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

When things go seriously wrong, the international standard for contingency planning and disaster recovery states that the best way to implement a response is with lots of resources, made available to the public within minutes, not days. It is incumbent upon Guy’s and St Thomas’ to plan responses across 150 departments and enact them when necessary, as well as stay operationally efficient and minimize downtime.


A Remarkable First In Acute Trust Healthcare

Guy’s and St Thomas’ wanted a database solution that would bring together three core elements: the ability to leverage the enterprise-wide license they already had with K2, support from an in-house development team and integration with Everbridge.

With K2 and Everbridge, Guy’s and St Thomas’ felt that “there was a real opportunity to link together two systems, both of which are highly resilient, to transform the way that we deliver business continuity management.” Working with the K2 partner Velocity, Guy’s and St Thomas’ linked the power of K2’s SmartForms with the power of Everbridge’s ER notifications system to create U.K.’s first end-to-end acute healthcare business continuity management system.

Simplicity and Assurance with K2

The K2 database provides an intuitive, easy-to-navigate environment tailored for both clinical and non-clinical services. Guy’s and St Thomas’ can now rapidly add in new risks, such as Ebola or an active shooting, and be immediately assured that all departments have action plans. SmartForms surfaces all the data in SharePoint, meaning users no longer have to run around and gather data from various portals or log in to different systems. The solution built by Velocity on K2 also provides impact analysis and reporting on key metrics and areas so management can focus on further resilience planning, training and investment opportunities.