Golding Contractors


As a project-based operation, Golding has distributed teams with key roles often filled by new staff. The company identified an opportunity to better control manual processes during rapid project mobilization, including providing consistent induction and training for new hires.

Golding Contractors recognised a need to better control and measure the application of processes. “We had sporadic and opportunistic improvement rather than the planned, systemic improvement program we wanted. Improvements within manual processes were not locked in, and degradation of those processes was inevitable without constant attention, “ says Scott Caton, Golding’s General Manager − Business Systems.

Golding looked to K2 to help them implement an automated process environment and capitalize on benefits like greater process control, behavioural transparency, improved workflow design and improved process efficiency.


With the new solution built on K2 and integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, whenever a new contract is won, relevant client and project information is automatically retrieved from the CRM. Tasks are then distributed to HR/ Payroll, the ERP Manager and Finance. The system coordinates tasks within the workflow and notifies the entire organisation once the project is initiated.

“This solution has increased the consistency and efficiency of project set-up within our ERP system. The improved communication between service and support functions has enabled them to be more responsive to the new project requirements,” explains Caton.

The integration of SSRS with K2 streamlined workflows provides great transparency to registers of Gifts and Entertainment, Conflicts of Interest and Community Sponsorship. “Although relatively simple, these three solutions provide total visibility in support of our ‘Operating with Integrity’ policy and provide an easy mechanism for employees to comply with the disclosure and approval requirements of that policy,” explains Caton.

After automating these and additional workflows with K2, Golding is now able to control workflow inputs, produce insightful process data, and test processes to make sure they are consistent and effective. Also, by removing the need to print, sign, scan and send paper forms, Golding has made considerable efficiency gains and increased transparency across their processes. “This has allowed us, after consideration, to reduce approval steps in many processes without a practical loss of control − making processes work faster.”

With a hugely positive employee response, Golding intends to build on its success using K2 to streamline more peoplerelated processes. K2’s ability to integrate effectively with existing technologies, such as SharePoint and SAP, means core operational processes are a key future target for workflow automation.