GEFCO is a multinational industrial and automotive logistics company, with operations in 37 countries. With support from its local IT partner, Gradient, GEFCO Slovakia evaluated a number of different workflow products and decided that K2 offered the most cost effective solution to the company’s invoice challenge.

Gradient designed and deployed the K2-based invoice process, facilitating integrations with the company’s existing electronic document system and Microsoft applications. The automated process can now be used by all 45 of the company’s employees, including 9 people in the finance team. GEFCO currently receives in excess of 3,200 invoices a month, or almost 40,000 per year. In the four years since the K2-based process went live, the number of invoice pages handled by the company per year has more than doubled to 700,000.

Benefits: With the same number of financial administrators GEFCO processes 700,000 invoice pages, up from years past at 40,000 per year.