When CorVel first started using K2, IT staff thought it would be used mainly to manage workflows for the company’s software development team. But as they became more comfortable with the K2 platform, they realized it had great potential for handling information more efficiently and accurately across the organization. One of the most dramatic turnarounds, in fact, occurred with the commissions management system.

“We reduced the amount of time it took the sales team to submit sales reports, have them reviewed, then approved,” said Matthew Smith, CorVel IT Director. “Bottom line is that it simplified the process and enabled us to issue commission payments faster.”

Many others in the company also experienced the benefits of using K2. The increased efficiency in IT has impacted different departments and processes.

“Before we adopted K2, we were using a variety of different workflow applications,” Smith explained. “We needed a more up-to-date system with a contemporary interface. With K2, our people were happier with the result. It’s just a lot easier to use.”

It’s not just the ease-of-use that’s noticeable; efficiencies have been gained as well. The vendor request system, for example, stores and documents vendor type, payment means and payment terms for automated requisition of specific goods and services, with built-in approval routing and automated payments.

In addition to commission management and vendor request management, Corvel is using K2 for system onboarding and internal equipment ordering. And the IT workflow apps are coming soon.

“We use K2 in a number of mission-critical internal processes. It’s been a real success story for us,” Smith said. “Our operational teams have been big beneficiaries of K2 because we’ve streamlined processes in which they’re directly involved, and we’d like to do the same for our software development teams.” 

CorVel is now exploring ways to use K2 to improve workflows in documentation, QA, change control and build-and-release coordination, among other downstream software development processes. “I see a lot of opportunities to incorporate K2 into our software development process now and in the future,” Smith said. 

Benefits: CorVel's system built with K2 is a big hit. Users appreciate its easy-to-use interface and its ability to significantly increase efficiency.