Commonwealth Government Department

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This Australian government department was relying on disparate, outdated systems and spreadsheets to manage loads of 90 cases per legal officer. When the mandate came down to increase case load while decreasing staff numbers, this department used K2 to build a flexible, agile solution that increased productivity and visibility, reduced labor costs and confusion, and created consistent, insightful reporting metrics.


Daily operations involve a vast array of complex requirements spanning multiple information domains that have been traditionally supported by fragmented and outdated systems.

This lack of integration was extremely frustrating and resulted in reporting inconsistencies, poor visibility across cases and different branches, and an inability to search for or through cases, documents or emails with a single search. Compounding all these challenges was a large increase in cases and a simultaneous directive to reduce staff numbers. This department began their search for a single information architecture that provided a flexible and agile solution with consistent statistical reporting, KPIs and business intelligence across the entire caseload and ultimately settled on K2.

“K2 was chosen for its flexibility and ability to meet very detailed and specific business requirements. The alternative was an off-the-shelf solution, which would have achieved a 50 percent fit to requirements at best,” says a Project Manager for the organization.


The department’s solution, built using K2, integrates SharePoint and SQL Server databases, meaning staff can now file all information and maintain case details from a single user interface. Also included is a powerful and more granular search capability, which lets staff access information quickly and efficiently.

The K2 solution gives the department the ability to organize different aspects of group and individual work – eliminating the need to maintain spreadsheets of cases in an effort to self-organize workloads. A newly developed Case Creation wizard facilitates the rapid entry of new cases. The communication of new cases from manager review to legal officer allocation and the collection of materials for individual cases is now automated.

K2’s forms and views were used to construct a powerful dashboard that gives users access to interactive graphs and charts that summarize a diverse mix of real-time KPIs and metrics. Staff are now able to effortlessly and readily identify the key characteristics, make up and profile of the overall caseload.

“K2 has been used to assist in achieving greater automation in key areas that have traditionally involved significant staff time and effort,” says a project manager.

The K2 solution has helped this department raise productivity and efficiency levels, lower training costs and effort, spend less time organizing workloads and provide a “greater awareness and understanding of the business/operational environment through powerful business intelligence and built-in KPIs across the full breadth of services.”

Current users are extremely pleased with the new system and the department continues to develop and roll out the K2 solution across the entire division. “The focus has been on desktop users. However, mobile users will become a focus as the desktop rollout widens,” reports the project manager.