C.K. Tang

C.K. Tang Limited has established itself as a prominent leader in Singapore’s vibrant retail scene. In addition to TANGS Orchard and TANGS VivoCity in Singapore and TANGS Malaysia, C.K. Tang Limited has a number of niche boutiques and specialty businesses both in Singapore and Malaysia, each with its own unique identity and customer base. K2 SmartForms was one of the primary reasons why K2 was adopted by C.K. Tang Limited. All corporate forms that used to be paper-based are now being converted into SmartForms that tie in to workflows. Processes are now easily audited and documented to eradicate informal requests and communications via email or phone messages.

The implementation of K2 also prompted C.K. Tang’s internal processes across business units to be reviewed, simplified and documented. This reduced the levels of approval and resulted in increased efficiency of processes after implementation.

Benefits: C.K. Tang now only requires two to three days to build and test new basic applications by re-using the view templates; this is a significant improvement to their business operations.