The number of children and families in need of assistance continued growing year after year, so Bufetat decided to develop a new internal case management system to respond to service requests more efficiently. They developed a bespoke case management system called BiRK and integrated K2’s blackpearl software to initiate and automate key processes. In total, BiRK incorporates around 35 different K2 workflows, which apply to a variety of child welfare circumstances. This pivotal new system is now used daily by everyone who works with children in the agency, including more than 5,600 caseworkers.

“K2 helps us to work efficiently and provide urgent help for children in desperate need of accommodation, protection and support.” — Magne Tiegen, senior IT advisor, Bufetat.

Benefits: K2 ensures that all incoming documents are actioned in line with government procedures, so the organisation can be positive that all of its caseworkers have a consistent approach to handling very high volumes of work.