PT. Berlian Sistem Informasi

Company Profile

PT Berlian Sistem Informasi (BSI) is an IT solution provider in Jakarta Indonesia. Founded in 1996, PT. BSI now has more than 150 consultants involved in the relationship with the clients. BSI's mission is to provide an appropriate IT solution to their clients, by using 19 years of experience in the IT industry, in both applications and infrastructure. This mission extends to contributing to the development of the Indonesian Information Technology environment.

Large Consulting Company Improves Internal and Client-Based Processes with K2


For PT. BSI, a large consulting company focused on delivering high-quality solutions to their clients, a number of manual, paper-based processes were causing delays and inefficiencies across the entire organization. Internal processes like leave and business travel requests, overtime pay approvals and many others were inefficient and often delayed because approvers were often unaware of new requests or were out of the office working onsite with clients.

Client-based processes, including approvals for discounts and sales proposals were all paper-based but without a centralized document management system, proposals and other related documents were often lost or difficult to find. This often resulted in delays or additional work that not only impacted PT. BSI’s clients but negatively impacted the company’s cash flow.

PT. BSI needed a way to manage their client-related documents while also automating their internal processes to improve efficiency and ensure that they were providing quality service to their clients.


PT. BSI turned to a K2-based solution integrated with Microsoft SharePoint to handle their needs.

With the system, called Groupware System, employees now submit all requests – through electronic forms that are routed to the appropriate approvers via a K2 workflow. Approvers are sent email notifications so they immediately know when they have a request to approve. In addition, the system is integrated with the company’s Human Resource Management (HRM) system, as well as SAP, ensuring that processes like overtime pay reimbursement are handled quickly and efficiently. Since implementing Groupware System, human-based errors have been significantly reduced and the lead time needed for managers to approve requests has been decreased.

In addition to improving process consistency, Groupware System also provides a centralized location for storing and managing client-related documents. Documents are managed across a variety of categories including department, client and more, which has decreased the risk of lost documents and delays in servicing clients.

With K2, PT. BSI has improved internal and clientbased processes by providing a solution that reduces overall processing time, enforces consistent process flows, improves visibility for approvers and integrates their existing line-of-business systems.