Biosensors International


While it has made strides in pioneering new medical technologies, most of Biosensors’ business-critical operations still relied on outdated, manual workflows. For instance, processing purchase orders and requisitions required physical documents to move from one approver to another, with some requiring up to six levels of approval before they could be processed.

Furthermore, in order to ensure a reliable audit trail, approvals cannot be done via email. This caused bottlenecks in an already time-consuming process as approvers are often required to travel for work and don’t have access to documents while onthe- go.


In 2013, Biosensors took its first step towards modernizing operations and boosting efficiency by transforming its purchase order and requisition process with K2 blackpearl and its forms technology SmartForms. K2’s integration with SAP made it possible to do this in tandem with Biosensors’ SAP rollout across its major purchasing departments located in China, Israel and Singapore.

“What we really like about K2 is how it works straight out of the box and can be fully integrated with SAP,” said Director — Group Information Technology Yadong Zhu. “With K2, we can do away with the massive customizations and configurations that are otherwise needed to enable SAP access beyond the office.”

The simplicity of K2 means that only two out of the six K2-trained staff are required for support and workflow development. For example, any changes in the approval matrix take only 10 minutes to update in the workflow.

Today, 400 Biosensors staff are using K2 workflows to process purchase orders and requisitions. Users are able to search for and retrieve information with ease instead of sifting through volumes of paperwork, and eliminate unnecessary double checking of physical documents as the system is able to capture data accurately.

“More importantly, K2 allows our traveling staff to easily access and approve documents online while ensuring a full audit trail. This alone helped us significantly reduce the time taken to process purchase orders and requisitions, from the initial three weeks to only three days,” added Zhu.

Since October 2016, Biosensors has been collaborating with K2 consultants to digitize its travel and expense claims process, which is expected to be fully deployed companywide in February 2017.

“Thanks to K2, we are able to reduce the reimbursement cycle, streamline the process, improve our analytical capability for better reporting and increase compliance — resulting in happier end users. From a business stand point, we save at least S$91,000 just by running our travel and expense claims on K2,” explained Zhu.

Biosensors is currently working with K2 to integrate DocuSign into its workflows for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, a key regulation in the pharmaceutical industry. This will be a critical step in its ongoing efforts to digitize and automate all its processes for more productive and efficient operations.