With support from a local K2 Partner in Austria, SmartPoint IT Consulting, Berglandmilch deployed K2 blackpearl business software and created an automated workflow for packaging changes. K2 integrates tightly with Berglandmilch’s existing SAP system and Microsoft applications to create a seamless business process. For example, managers copy existing designs from SAP to initiate the change process with a unique reference number. Then, all process-related documents are stored on the cloud, using Microsoft Office 365, so that everyone, including those both inside and outside of the company, can access required documents easily and securely.

Previously, if managers wanted to know the status of a particular item of packaging mid-way through a change process, it would take a lot of phone calls and emails to different people to find out. Now, the process is completely transparent; everyone involved can see, at a glance, what stage projects have reached and who needs to do what next.

Benefits: Two hours saved per packaging change and with 3600 changes per year; saved 7,200 man hours annually.