Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services

Founded in 1983, Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services PCL, or BAFS, manages aviation fuel storage and aircraft vehicle refueling in Bangkok, Sukhothai and Samui. In the past, BAFS manually passed documents back and forth, causing work to get lost. It was also very slow to respond to the business, so BAFS decided to use its IT systems to help it work faster and more effectively. Since 2006, BAFS has been using K2 to make IT more effective, starting with its employee self-service system. With K2, employees can review the history of document requests and track them in real time. In IT, it is easier to maintain the system and faster to adopt new business requirements.

“We plan to use K2 for our procurement system to help reduce the time that we have processes open,” said Chai Pasomkusolsil, senior IT analyst, business and marketing development dept. at BAFS. “We will also use it to report and repair broken equipment, because in the aviation business we need to manage the operation equipment. If an employee can see what is broken, they can report, so it can be fixed or replaced.”

Benefits: Easier maintenance of systems and quicker adoption of new business requirements.