Avante Group

Avante Group, a provider of management services to nursing and rehabilitation facilities, wanted succinct automated processes and deep visibility, so it began building business applications with K2. Avante’s first business application to go live was a contract-approval workflow. Built entirely by non-developers, this solution automated manual processes, enabled appropriate approvals, cut turnaround time and provided much-needed visibility. The contract-approval process is the first of many K2-based business applications to come for Avante. John Flamholtz, director of technical solutions, said Avante started simple but is quickly gaining the confidence and experience to build applications that are more and more sophisticated.

“I see K2 becoming part of our culture at Avante, expanding into as many areas of our business as we can,” said Flamholtz.

Benefits: K2 blackpearl sped up their contract-approval process and eliminated errors and potential roadblocks.