At Ascendas-Singbridge, key operations involving electronic forms were often disrupted as the company’s legacy InfoPath system could not support the increasing IT demands, driven by growing business needs.

“As our requests piled up, the limitations of our legacy solution became more apparent,” said Siva Kumar Nulu, Manager for Group Information Management & Technology at Ascendas-Singbridge. “The form design process on InfoPath was fragmented, making it cumbersome to make changes to existing online forms, even as the business demanded faster turn around.”

The legacy solution was also nearing its end, meaning the IT team would soon have no technical support. A replacement solution using ASP.NET later turned out to be insufficient in meeting their requirements. “We had to do inordinate amounts of coding just to create a form, bringing us back to square one when it came to spending too much time on the design process,” Nulu explained.


Ascendas-Singbridge turned to K2 SmartForms, based on the longstanding relationship with K2. Nulu said, “K2 has been a reliable partner of ours in Southeast Asia. Our applications have been powered by K2 blackpearl for over a decade, so it was easy for our stakeholders to adopt on K2’s business forms solution.”

With K2 SmartForms, Ascendas-Singbridge now has a system that can scale with its growing workload demands. Since SmartForms minimised the need for coding, the form design process is rapidly accelerated. The IT team is more agile in creating new workflows, and quicker to respond and make enhancements to existing ones if changes in business needs arise. “Our IT team has doubled its efficiency since deploying SmartForms. Creating the user interface used to take us several weeks. Now we only need a couple of weeks,” he said.

It is now much simpler to turn a business form from idea to reality. SmartForms’ features and interface allow Nulu and his team to visualise designs with more clarity. This means they can come up with well-informed, detailed plans and effectively anticipate potential roadblocks when creating forms.

Moreover, SmartForms is easily integrated with Ascendas- Singbridge’s existing collaboration platform, creating smoother workflows. “The solution made it easy for us to create and roll out our forms on SharePoint,” Nulu said. “The same process would have been more convoluted on our previous system.”