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Software Associate

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Denver, Colorado, United States

A software associate role at K2 is hands-on and immersive, with endless opportunities to grow your skills, enjoy the excitement of resolving complex issues and learn from the best in the industry. This is a paid, post-graduate opportunity to put your knowledge to work in the real world.

Under our guidance, you will learn to build and run business applications with zero code in the cloud and on premises, how to model, consume, manipulate and expose data from multiple line of business systems and how to integrate with enterprise on premises and cloud technologies like Microsoft Azure, ADFS, and SharePoint Online (Office 365).

You will get exposure to infrastructure, design, deployment and development scenarios, and you’ll gain marketable business skills that will give you a distinct edge when looking to land your dream job (which we hope will be with K2).

The program covers a broad range of skills, from technical product training through certifications, to hands-on experience troubleshooting software with real customers, to building software applications that solve real-world problems.

K2 software associates are active participants in their program. As a software associate, you’ll:

  • Receive thorough training on the K2 platform and complementary Microsoft solutions
  • Build business apps that K2 will implement and run in real situations
  • Participate with our technical community by providing assistance via forums
  • Help research and resolve customer technical support tickets
  • Shadow a support engineer for in-depth learning
  • Configure, model and troubleshoot data integration points line of business systems and complementary technologies

We work in a dynamic and collaborative environment where energy, passion and innovation are not only valued, but expected. We pride ourselves on being flexible, creative and fun, all while building great technology that significantly improves the business landscape for our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a software associate?

K2's associate program prepares college and university graduates for the business world through a year of focused, on-the-job-training. Although similar to an internship in many respects, software associates are full-time, paid positions.

Graduates who want to pursue a technical career in software will gain experience and training in the following career paths at K2: technical product support, technical solution consulting, application development, quality control and technical sales

When does the associate program start and how long does it run?

The program runs on a rolling basis — new candidates are accepted at the beginning of the year and mid-year. Software associates join K2 for a minimum of 6 months, with the possibility of a six-month extension.

What is the K2 software associate program?

The K2 software associate program is a paid, post-graduate program designed to provide the tools, skills and experience to start a career in one of K2’s world-class technical teams. The skills that each candidate will learn covers a broad range, from product specific training to learning how to manage situations and people, to hands-on system, product and technical support experience.

How long is the software associate program?

The initial program, called the Foundation program, is six months in length. There is an optional additional program called the Specialization program, which provides a rich opportunity for those looking to learn more.

How are the Foundation and Specialization programs set up?

The Foundation program provides each candidate with the fundamentals required to operate in all K2 technical teams. The Specialization program is designed to prepare each candidate for a specific career path. There are three tracks in which a candidate can participate:

  • Support specialization
  • Consulting specialization
  • Product development specialization

Candidates that successfully complete the Foundation program will automatically qualify for enrollment in the Specialization program, but acceptance into a specific track will be determined by availability per region.

What are the requirements for acceptance into the software associate program?

  • Required: A bachelor's degree in computer science, a technical software development degree, or recent MCITP or MCSE certifications*
  • Preferred skills: An understanding of workflow systems and their application to customer business process improvement
  • Desired skills: Experience with or training in any K2 product, experience in web technology debugging or troubleshooting, Cloud technologies, database technologies, Infrastructure (Active Directory, load balancing, packet capture analysis), Microsoft debugging tools, or any MCTS certifications

*If you have a degree in a different field, but have experience in any of the preferred skills listed above, love troubleshooting and have a passion for technology, we encourage you to apply.

What happens after I apply to the software associate program?

Once you submit your application, you’ll receive an email outlining more details and next steps to follow. One of our hiring managers will also be in touch to collect additional information on your qualifications and past experience.