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Graduate Software Associate

 For more information on this position and to apply go to: associate.k2.com
Denver, Colorado, United States
  • Each candidate will be presented with set goals and objectives to obtain throughout this program
  • Deliver technical product support on K2’s suite of software products.
  • Design, build, and deploy business applications that will benefit K2 teams and evolve internal systems
  • Support K2 customers with design, development, infrastructure and maintenance related queries and issues.
  • Troubleshoot multiple scenarios on the latest K2 products and across multiple systems and integration points.
  • Interact and communicate with many diverse levels of IT specialists across a vast range of products and platforms.
  • Interact with customers indirectly via an issue tracking system and directly via phone and web conferencing.
  • Ensure customer expectations of product and service are satisfied through technical assistance.
  • Escalate technical matters to higher level support where needed.
  • Complete target based educational goals and present findings on regular intervals.
  • Share technical knowledge and expertise with your team through knowledge base articles and white papers.
  • Interact with the K2 technical community through technical online forum.
  • Innovate and share ideas on improvement across all facets of the business, from the product to operations systems to team improvements.
  • In addition to the above mentioned duties, this program has specific milestones associated with it. Each milestone has specific tasks, challenges and training events that have to be completed. Some tasks should be performed in parallel with other tasks in order to complete all tasks on time. Additional information on each milestone and associated tasks can be acquired on request.