Workspace: One Portal to Rule Them All

Years ago, IT folks used to talk about server sprawl – servers were taking up so much space to handle disparate tasks. Hence the birth of cloud computing. However, now businesses are dealing with application sprawl and chances are you log into countless applications and services throughout the day to get work done.

We knew that achieving our mission of automating every process in every organization would not be possible if we simply added to this sprawl. We must make it easier and drive efficiencies, not add to bottlenecks and complexity. Enter our new K2 Workspace.


The K2 Workspace is a central portal for all K2 tasks and process apps. With this intuitive and customizable hub, it’s easy to review and action all pending tasks and approvals across all business applications. This significantly reduces complexity and boosts productivity, as users don’t need to open various windows or log in to several portals to get work done: Everything is in Workspace.


It’s not static either – like virtually everything on the K2 platform, Workspace can be customized to give users quick and easy access to the most important forms in the organization or to display all forms and folders. Workspace also surfaces in-depth information about processes that users own or have rights to administer – including drill-down reports to the process instance at the activity and even event level – to provide deep visibility into what’s going on in any given process.


To further increase productivity, we’ve also made it possible for any pending tasks or actions to be searched and viewed based on the age of the task, priority, dates of actions, or by users so employees don’t have to dig out tasks buried in email chaos.

And I know what you might be thinking – what about vacations, business trips, sick days or other times that people aren’t in the office? Won’t these cause processes to come to a halt as well? Workspace makes redirecting or sharing a task easy to ensure work doesn’t stop because people are out of the office.

Once the applications and processes have been built on the K2 platform, Workspace plays an integral role in delivering powerful process automation across a business – ensuring that your business is increasing efficiencies, achieving business productivity gains faster and enabling digital transformation for your entire organization.

Contact us today to learn more about what having K2 Workspace in the hands of your employees can do to improve your business efficiencies and automate your processes. And as always, while using Workspace and all of our new functionality, please let us know what you think – we always want to make sure our customers get the best experience possible.