Transforming Forms

Chances are, forms are a very nearly daily aspect of your life. Filling out forms at the doctor, the bank, at work, taking surveys online, and the list can go on and on. It’s also likely that many of the forms you fill out (except for the ones online of course) are paper-based, and inefficient. Rewriting your name, address, date of birth, etc. over and over is time consuming and a pain (quite literally). This doesn’t provide a great experience to end-customers.

It’s time to digitize, and forms are ripe for transformation. And while on the surface it doesn’t seem easy, a low-code environment that is steeped in process excellence can make it a much simpler task to take your forms and digitize them. Think about the relief you’ll feel when you see less paper on your financial reports, and you can get rid of clipboard clutter.

Modern experiences driven by digital forms should be dynamic and support standard electronic form features such as validation, cascading dropdowns and many more. Versatility and customization should power these resource-rich forms that are integrated with line-of-business information form disparate systems, incorporating and implementing personal business applications, accessible from any browser or device. In this experience, customers will spend less time rewriting the same information over-and-over by hand and instead will simply be able to verify information, or select prepopulated data in dynamic drop-downs. This saving time for your customers, and enabling a more seamless and painless experience.

This is one of the key powers of the K2 platform. And if you’re in this boat of needing to transform the forms that exist in your business, and drive a better experience for your customers, I highly encourage you join our next webinar on March 21 at 11am PT. This will be completely focused on how the K2 platform is uniquely positioned to help you quickly transform your forms into a digital experience, all while seamlessly connected to any of your LOB systems so that your customers can spend more time validating existing information, rather than rewriting information that you likely already have stored.

Register now to save your seat, hope to see you on the webinar!