This Webinar on SharePoint Can Help Make Your Job Easier

This Webinar on SharePoint Can Help Make Your Job Easier

Your business users rely on data to do their jobs and make informed decisions. However, it can be a struggle to keep information fresh and flowing to the right people.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 added new features that can improve usability and productivity, but it still has some challenges around basic business tasks like forms, user interfaces, workflows, data integration, management and reporting.

As such, nearly 60 percent of SharePoint users implement third-party solutions to get the most out of the software.1Many third-party solutions in the market have similar feature sets, but none of them can give your business the same seamless integration, ease of use and scalability that you’ll get with K2 Appit for SharePoint.

Join us for a webinar where we will demonstrate the many ways Appit can unlock the full potential of SharePoint 2013. Below is a preview of the top five.

1. Stay flexible, go mobile

Appit works with all of your existing line-of-business (LOB) applications and systems. It supports the transition from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. It works on any device and in the cloud or on premises, online or offline. And its user interfaces adapt to the size of the screen, so workflows, forms and apps work right wherever you are.

2. Empower employees to create solutions that work for them

Anyone can use Appit, regardless of their level of coding knowledge. Visual tools and a drag-and-drop interface enable any user to design a form, workflow or application without code. Appit supports a number of other business technologies, so a business solution can use data no matter where it’s located.

3. Cut redundant work

Forms and workflows can be reused again and again. Because Appit can access data no matter where it lives, workflows and forms are not tethered to their data sources. If a form or workflow needs an update, you only have to make it once. Appit automatically makes the update wherever the form or workflow is used.

4. Uncover process bottlenecks

Appit comes with very useful reporting and audit tools. Drag-and-drop tools help you build custom dashboards and alerts, so you can monitor how workflows interact with one another. This exposes trouble areas that might otherwise go unseen and provides insights that keep processes running smoothly.

5. Maintain data security and freshness

Appit is designed to integrate with the architecture and security of your existing LOB applications. It makes and maintains a connection to all data sources, so sensitive data doesn’t have to leave its native system. Information remains protected under your company’s standard of security, and the connection ensures that data stays up-to-date across all workflows, forms and apps.

Appit is accessible to any user, on any device, and with any LOB application. It’s a superior, scalable solution for your SharePoint woes, and it has even more to show you. Attend our webinar to find out how K2 Appit for SharePoint can make it easier to do better work.

1 AIIM. “Connecting and Optimizing SharePoint — and important strategy choices.” 2015.