Simplify Complex Workflows by Connecting Content and Apps with K2 & Dropbox

K2 and Dropbox Connect content and apps

Content is the lifeblood of every team, but how can you keep work flowing and moving across the organization, users, and systems?

Email has been the primary means for sharing and disseminating content, but companies are increasingly looking to content-based collaboration platforms like Dropbox to remove barriers to sharing and collaboration, staying compliant with data security policies, and centralizing files in one place. To connect apps with their content, users may still find themselves:

  • Searching for and accessing content that lives in email and across desktop and cloud-based applications
  • Switching back and forth between different systems of record
  • Managing and controlling file version history
  • Applying metadata manually to organize documents

Let the Content and Work Flow

With K2 and Dropbox, you can seamlessly connect and access your data to build robust workflows that minimize these productivity gaps. Connect Dropbox content to K2’s low-code application development platform and simplify complex workflows by using Dropbox data to automate tasks and decision-making that kick off and streamline your everyday processes. From contract creation to vendor management, the combined solution helps you manage the flow of work across humans, systems, and intelligent technologies for all your workflows. 

Take, for example, a multi-step process such as a loan application. Processing the application can often require endless cycles of rework before acceptance. K2 and Dropbox can help you automate these cycles by routing the latest content to submitters and approvers for collaboration and approval before acceptance.

Using K2 and Dropbox together also opens doors to connect with other everyday line-of-business systems your users rely on. Deliver business solutions that your users need quickly using Dropbox content with drag-and-drop tooling. Best of all, real-time tracking and reporting allow you to understand how your data is performing so you can optimize your Dropbox content and workflows to achieve higher levels of productivity and collaboration.

Automation through the Lens of Cloud-First, User-First

As more and more companies migrate their content to the cloud, it’s crucial to connect your apps and content together to streamline automation. Combining K2’s low-code platform with Dropbox’s collaboration platform will help you:

  • Create a workspace for your teams to collaborate and access their files.
  • Manage the flow of Dropbox content across AI, human and system-based tasks in a central location.
  • Stay compliant with security policies even when your content is on the move.
  • Build complex workflows with Dropbox content to meet your business needs.

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