SharePoint MVP series: Michelle Caldwell

SharePoint MVP series: Michelle Caldwell

“Are our customers expecting mobile right now? I'd say they're demanding mobile. And not just because executive leaders recognize they need to do it, but there are business users coming in to the companies now expecting it.” – Michelle Caldwell

This year at SPFest DC, the K2 team interviewed a handful of SharePoint MVPs and thought leaders in the space and wanted to share their thoughts on SharePoint and the future of the industry.

We’re excited to continue the series with Michelle Caldwell, SharePoint MVP and Director of Collaboration at Avanade.

To recap, here are some of the highlights from the interview with Michelle:

“I work with very large, complex, globally distributed companies. They're moving to the clouds. They definitely have that hybrid scenario, and they're looking to hook back into line of business systems, but want it done in a way that's got an easy to use UI. Appit definitely has that.”

“And they also want to rapidly create solutions. Appit really allows them to be able to do that very quickly, to realize that ROI of going to the cloud.”

Appit also helps customers prove the value of software quickly through workflow and forms. “Having offline forms for customers like [Appit offers] is really going to solve a pain point that's been real for a long time. So the fact that K2's addressing that is fantastic.”

Looking to the future of the SharePoint community: “A lot of user communities are looking for those softer stories, the real practical implementation, as opposed to years ago where it was hardcore, ‘How do I write this code? How do I build these servers? How do I get better at-- search or get better performance?’ Now, the demand for user group content is more along where [SharePoint is] headed in the future, and how can it be combined with other solutions.”

For more on Avanade, please visit or connect with Michelle on LinkedIn at, or visit www.appit.comfor more information.