SharePoint MVP series: Jethro Seghers

SharePoint MVP series: Jethro Seghers

“What I've seen with Appit is that it empowers the end users, people who are working with it on a day-to-day basis, and that is important. That gives people the independence to do what they need to do for their job.” – Jethro Seghers

This year at SPFest DC, the K2 team interviewed a handful of SharePoint and Office 365 MVPs and thought leaders in the space and wanted to share their thoughts on SharePoint and the future of the industry.

We’re excited to continue the series with Jethro Seghers, Program Manager at BitTItan and Office 365 MVP.

To recap, here are some of the highlights from the interview with Jethro:

“Appit can help identifying some pain points that people have during a [SharePoint] migration, but also determine how the process should be once the personal information or the sensitive data is determined.”

“Having a tool that has a low threshold and is very easy to use is definitely something that will improve the process. From what I've seen, that is definitely the case with Appit. Giving power to the people who own your process is a huge advantage.”

“I see the SharePoint community changing continuously. With the release of Office 365, what, now four or five years ago -- suddenly it was more about business again. It was less about IT Pros. And having Office 365 with all the services ready deployed, the threshold to get into SharePoint is a lot lower than it used to be.”

“One of the very interesting features about Office 365 and SharePoint is that you can build applications with almost no code or even a very low code perspective. And that's why a lot of people want to go to Office 365, which is good for companies like BitTitan, but also good for low-code vendors like K2.”

With Appit, these same users are even able to build applications that extend beyond SharePoint, and its limitations, to integrate with line-of-business (LOB) systems, with no code or even very low code. Learn more about Appit’s LOB integration in this new whitepaper, A better way to integrate SharePoint.

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