SharePoint MVP series: Adam Levithan

SharePoint MVP series: Adam Levithan

“Right now, we're in an amazingly transitional period. Microsoft is going cloud first, mobile first. So, we have to follow that trend. And we have to go to the cloud.”

This year at SPFest DC, the K2 team interviewed a handful of SharePoint and Office 365 MVPs and thought leaders in the space. The SharePoint MVP series was created to share their thoughts on SharePoint and the future of the industry. 

We’re excited to continue the series with Metalogix Project Manager Adam Levithan.

To recap, here are some of the highlights from the interview with Adam:

“SharePoint has traditionally been an infrastructure. And Office 365 is no different – the clients don't just want to use it for one area – on what I call the collaboration spectrum. They want to have a lot of different avenues to be able to use the tool. And, seeing Appit, that's exactly what you guys are doing. You're focusing on your strengths. And you're bringing it to the cloud.”

“Appit really brings the strength of K2 not only to the cloud, but to hybrid environments and of course, to on premises in the way it's architected.”

“With Appit, you can go smoothly from the website into the mobile environment. In my current [role] with Metalogix, we're really focusing on enablement, and have an appreciation for architecture that it is built for hybrid scenarios, because that is what we're going to be dealing with mostly in Office 365 as people start to migrate to that.”

“The reality that your forms can handle some very important information so Appit can take security and compliance into account and can go from either the on premises environment where that data should be stored or Office 365 is something I appreciate from a product development standpoint.”

“I see the community changing with the technology. SharePoint is not going away. Office 365 is the combination of SharePoint as a Service, Exchange as a Service, Lync, Skype, Yammer. We're just broadening our reach into all of the other Microsoft technologies.”

Watch the full interview with Adam below: 

For more information on making the migration to Office 365, and how to smooth the transition to the cloud, check out our recent guide, “Making the Leap from Server to Cloud.”

For more on Metalogix, please visit or connect with Adam on LinkedIn at, or visit for more information. 

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