SharePoint MVP Series: Eric Overfield

SharePoint MVP Series: Eric Overfield

“We’re seeing more tools come out to customize SharePoint, to make it look different… which is where PixelMill has been focusing a lot on because of the mobile-fication of the Internet.”

This year at SPFest DC, the K2 team interviewed a handful of SharePoint and Office 365 MVPs and thought leaders. The SharePoint MVP series was created to share their thoughts on SharePoint and the future of the industry.

We’re excited to continue the series with President of PixelMill Eric Overfield.

To recap, here are a few highlights from his interview:

“Microsoft has acknowledged that there’s still a strong need for on premises, as well as in the cloud. It’s so much easier to just spin up a 365 environment with SharePoint online that it is to try to maintain that on our own.”

“With this new trend of BYOA, or bring your own app, I see Appit being really good in that space – it’s such an easy tool to use that an employee is going to use the tool and love it.”

“At the end of the day, Appit’s going to help my customers provide the end solution they’re looking for… now, we can sell them a more integrated solution.”

Watch the full interview with Eric below:

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