Process Automation - Shaping the Future of Work

Process Automation - Shaping the Future of Work

Over the past 15 years, K2 has relentlessly chased its mission to automate every process in every organization. Today’s release of K2 Cloud and K2 Five represents a defining moment in our ability to succeed in that mission, and more importantly, help every organization automate their processes and define their digital transformation.

K2 Cloud and K2 Five are the culmination of a massive transformation representing our new process automation platform. This couldn’t come at a better time, as businesses are facing digital disruption left and right. In fact, Harvard Business Review found that 47-percent of the respondents to a recent survey noted a belief that their traditional business model will be obsolete by 2020 and 81-percent rated process automation as key to their future success. The benefits of process automation are clear and often include improved customer service, improved quality of work, increased levels of output, reduced processing time and improved compliance support. While almost every organization is thinking about process automation right now, getting there usually requires significant resources that are hard to find.

That’s where our next generation process automation platform comes in as it allows businesses to build and manage mission-critical applications as well as fast-changing, lightweight departmental processes, all with a single platform and faster than ever before.

Our new platform was fully redesigned with new UIs, experiences and functionality to make automating processes easier. With our new and intuitive workflow designer, both developers and non-developers users can contribute their knowledge of the business and apply it to the automation of processes across the enterprise. With our new App Wizard and Pre-Built apps, users will be able to automate a process in minutes instead of days or months and with our new K2 Cloud offering, organizations will be able to rapidly automate and scale their processes. There's especially great new functionality in the K2 Workflow Designer and K2 Workspace.

To build a truly enterprise ready process automation platform, our investment didn’t stop in making it easier to automate processes. We invested heavily in eight core areas:

Today, over 30 percent of the Fortune 500 and more than 4,000 customers around the world are already automating their businesses with K2. Companies such as Kimberly-Clark and Shell have automated hundreds of processes on the K2 platform and we believe this is just the beginning. With the release of our new platform, customers can now accelerate the pace and magnify the scope at which they are automating processes. Organizations and enterprises will now be able to realize the power of process automation with unprecedented speed.

We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive feedback from our early customers and partners and we are very excited about the next chapter in helping customers automate every process in their organization

To see our new platform in action, sign up for one of our webinars or join us in person at the K2 Global Velocity tour – we would love to see you there.