Partner Webinar: Adlib and K2

Partner Webinar: Adlib and K2

K2 works closely with many technology partners who offer huge additional value to our customers, and we're always excited to share their stories. The team at Adlib, and their Adlib PDF product, are a prime example of how great technology leads to great things.

Adlib PDF delivers enterprise-class, document-to-PDF conversion software. It offers the highest fidelity PDF rendering engine on the market, with accurate OCR capabilities and intelligent document assembly to automatically convert, combine and enhance documents into professional, searchable PDF files as part of a business process or in support of collaboration, compliance, and long-term archiving goals.

Adlib PDF fits perfectly with K2's endless workflow opportunities, a benefit that the team at Varian Medical Systems knows all about. Varian is a medical device manufacturer that was experiencing some challenges with its document compliance, collaboration and archival strategies. They felt they could do better. So they implemented Adlib PDF and integrated with their current K2 workflow within the Microsoft SharePoint systems.

Join us to hear more from Robert Xu from Varian Medical Systems. He'll discuss the challenges the company was experiencing managing critical Design History Files (DHFs) and effectively archiving them in SharePoint, to the solution that has saved them significant time and resources and ensured the company’s compliance process. Through Varian’s story, you can learn how K2 and Adlib work together and provide benefits, like:

  • Improved collaboration across departments
  • Streamlined approval process of critical documents
  • Appropriate allocation and delegation of work
  • Automatic archiving in SharePoint or an ECM

Register now for the on-demand webinar to learn more and share your perspectives with us on Twitter at @AdlibSoftware and @K2onK2.