Partner highlight: Spikes Group on K2 Appit

Partner highlight: Spikes Group on K2 Appit

K2 Partner Spikes Group is one of the first partners signed on in Europe to provide services for Appit customers – and K2 Developer Matthias De Cock wrote a fantastic overview on Appit and why they’ve joined us to help customers improve their workflow and forms management in the cloud.

Here’s a segment of the post:

“So why am I – and my fellow developers with me – this excited about the product if K2 Blackpearl, its on-premise counterpart already covered most –  if not all –  of the functionality K2 Appit provides? There are many reasons, but I’ll try to summarize them into two main categories: intellectual and commercial.

From an intellectual perspective, their choice of abandoning the one-time license cost in favor of a monthly subscription fee significantly lowers the barrier for businesses to try out the product and get a taste of its functionality before fully committing their resources to it. This encourages the fine folks at K2 to convince these users by churning out even more great features and really pushes them to polish the user experience to new heights.

Combine this with the shorter release cycles that are typically associated with cloud products and it’s clear to see that we as designer/developers will always have plenty of new tools to look forward to, which will be in our hands faster than ever, all wrapped in a nice and tidy product that is a pleasure to work with – tl;dr: Life is good!

From a commercial point of view it allows us to offer our services to a wider array of customers:

- Customers that are aware of the advantages of cloud based solutions but also of the risks associated with switching technologies and are looking for an experienced partner to help them make the transition so they can focus on their core business.

- Small and medium businesses that had previously turned aside K2 Blackpearl because of its flat license cost who might want to revisit that decision in favor of K2 Appit’s pay-per-user business model.”

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