New K2 Training Opportunities

k2 training" alt="New K2 Training Opportunities" /> We’re excited to announce that we now offer certifications for K2 training competencies. Technical training allows K2 customers and partners in North America to choose competencies based on areas of interest in the K2 platform — spanning all different ability levels.

Currently, we offer professional certifications in the K2 blackpearl Core and K2 smartforms Builder competencies. But certifications for K2 for SharePoint and InfoPath, K2 blackpearl Extensions and K2 connect won’t be far behind.  

To achieve certification, candidates must apply using K2 Services Credits and pass an exam. Each exam will test the candidate’s knowledge within the selected competency, including both coursework and related knowledge retention. Candidates who pass will receive a certificate of completion and badge for proper bragging rights.  

For more information on technical training competencies or certifications, contact us.